Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM Archiv

Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM - Access One & Gridkiller | Episode #023
1 Stunde 39 Minuten
Our June episode of MAYHEM sees two next-gen heroes up behind the decks. The first half of the show we'll be joined by Access One, followed by Gridkiller who'll be smashing non-stop hardcore jams for the next 90 minutes. Enjoy the show and don't forg...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Broken Minds & MBK | Episode #022
1 Stunde 37 Minuten
Our May 2021 episode of MAYHEM brings you all the way to Spain, with Broken Minds & MBK bringing you the hardest beats for over 90 minutes. Enjoy two diverse separate sets from both acts, who showcase plenty of their own music plus much more in this...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Evil Activities & Spitnoise | Episode #021
1 Stunde 24 Minuten
Every month we bring the MAYHEM straight to you and this episode is no exception. We have the great Evil Activities up behind the wheels of steel who will showcase their vision of hardcore with a diverse and energetic set that also features their new...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Nosferatu Special | Episode #020
1 Stunde 38 Minuten
Masters! We're back with some more MAYHEM to fire up the month of March. For this episode, we've given the spotlight to outright legend Nosferatu, who will showcase a special millennium set, followed by a set of all new material. Expect to hear some...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Catscan & Negative A |Episode #019
1 Stunde 37 Minuten
Masters, you know what time it is! This month we welcome you back to another Episode of Masters of Hardcore Mayhem. For the next 90 minutes Catscan & Negative A will bring you a oldskool set with some serious bangers! Follow our 'HARDCORE' playlist...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Barber vs. Unproven | Episode #018
1 Stunde 33 Minuten
Happy New Year and welcome to the first Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM episode of 2021. Rest assured that the Barbaric brothers Barber & Unproven will keep you more than entertained for the next 90 minutes with not one, but two high energy sets. Enjoy so...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Dj Mad Dog vs. Never Surrender | Episode #017
1 Stunde 35 Minuten
Masters, here we are! The final MAYHEM episode of 2020. We say farewell and close down this year with two strong hardcore forces here in our studio. First up we have the angriest hardcore canine Mad Dog, followed by the musical mastermind Never Surre...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - N-Vitral vs. Irradiate | Episode #016
1 Stunde 31 Minuten
Masters, you know what time it is! We're delighted to welcome you back to another episode of Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride accompanied with the wildest and most mindblowing hardcore. In the spotlight we...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Vertex vs. Rayvolt vs. Re-Style | Episode #015
1 Stunde 44 Minuten
Welcome back to another episode of Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM. This month we've invited our new sub-label Rapture Records in to showcase their cosmic high vibrational hardcore sounds. Up on the decks is the next-gen prodigy Vertex, rebellious Rayvolt...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Partyraiser vs. Streiks & Kratchs | Episode #014
1 Stunde 36 Minuten
Welcome back to another episode of Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM! Tonight we have two legendary acts tearing up our studio and bringing nothing but the hardest beats for the next 90 minutes. Tune in to witness Partyraiser and Streiks & Kratchs live in t...
Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM - 1 Year Anniversary - Furyan vs. Bulletproof vs. Drokz | Episode #013
2 Stunden 35 Minuten
Welcome to our 1 year anniversary celebration of Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM. One year has flown by, and we're thrilled to have the finest artists in the Hardcore scene tearing apart our studio month after month. Thank you to all of the artists & fans...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Juliëx vs. System Overload I Episode #012
1 Stunde 26 Minuten
We're back with your monthly dose of MAYHEM! This month's episode is a high-speed bundle of energy, as we have two raging artists behind the decks. First up is Juliëx, who will shatter your mind with a robust Uptempo set that contains plenty of new t...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - The Outside Agency vs. Ophidian I Episode #011
1 Stunde 32 Minuten
We’re back again with the 11th episode of our Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM show. Prepare for total destruction brought to you by the industrial kings The Outside Agency, who will treat you to a set of nothing but a reckless range of beats, followed by...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Restrained vs. Trespassed | Episode #010
1 Stunde 27 Minuten
Welcome back to another episode of Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM. Tonight we're live & direct with two hard-heads, who will treat you to broad spectrum of top-quality sounds for the next 90 minutes First up we have Mr. 'Mental Asylum' Restrained, follo...
Masters of Hardcore Mayhem - Spitnoise vs. Barber | Episode #009
1 Stunde 29 Minuten
Hey masters! We're back once again with another episode of MAYHEM. To get you out of your quarantine slump, we've invited two high-speed heroes to brighten the mood. For the next 90 minutes, you'll be subject to get totally destroyed by the savage so...