Beyond The Pulpit Podcast

Beyond The Pulpit Podcast

The Gospel Without The Pews


Kneeling Power
Releasing the Power of God in our lives...from our knees!
Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood
Honoring all mothers on Mother's Day! Mama gonna do, what she gotta do, to make it happen for you!
Why Jesus?
Why does Jesus Christ rise above everybody else? It's because of what He has done for us in reconciling our relationship with God and securing our eternal life!
God Does Not Change
23 Stunden 40 Minuten
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever! We can have full confidence that regardless of what we are going thru, God does not change!
God Our Hiding Place
Despite all the turmoil and craziness in this country and the world today, we can still turn to God for safety, shelter, and peace. Psalms 27 tells us that God will hide in His pavilion!

Über diesen Podcast

The onset of COVID 19, AKA Corona Virus has forced the Gospel message out of the four walls and wooden pews of the church building and onto social media arena and other online platforms to be heard. This podcast shares the Good News of Jesus Christ dying on the Cross for our sins with those who have been estranged from the church before the pandemic. Beyond The Pulpit shares the message of God's love, hope and forgiveness with those, who feel like misfits, out of mind, out of place and out of touch with God, but long to have a relationship with Him. Listening to the word of God, will bring you peace, comfort and joy, as you hear Jesus say how much He loves you over and over again and proves it. No walls, pews or pulpits are necessary to receive the benefits of His message, just ears to hear. Misfits Welcome!

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