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  • AudioBunkA #48 feat. Marc Angler

    We went for fishing to the lake and met a rappin, beat producin life stylin 'DIY' dude called 'Marc Angler' and he e ...
    Datum:05.09.2019 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #49 feat. Jherip

    Audio AudioBunkA SoundSystem #49 - 03.10.2019 It was a real pleasure to meet & greet one of the Masterminds of Vorarlberg ...
    Datum:03.10.2019 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #50 Birthday Special

    Audio It was a super special Birthday Party we were celebrating 50. Shows of the monthly Hip Hop Radioshow in Vorarlberg ...
    Datum:31.10.2019 Wertung:
  • AudioBunka #51 feat. Devillion

    Audio AudioBunkA SoundSystem #51 28.11.2019 Damn hot shit! The BunkA was on fiyah! Definitly deftige Show with 'Devillion ...
    Datum:28.11.2019 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #52 Best of 2019

    Audio AudioBunkA SoundSystem #52 26.12.2019 In the last show of the year we take a look back with a Best of Selection of ...
    Datum:26.12.2019 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #53 feat. Beatbangers

    Audio The first show of the year was like burning fire! Since more than twenty years in the game, the "Beatbangers" stil ...
    Datum:24.01.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #54 feat. AKZSZ & Jherip

    Audio Once again the funniest show of the year with one of the best Rapper straight outta Vorarlberg - AKZSZ with his pro ...
    Datum:23.02.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #55 feat. Corona Virus

    Audio The 55. Edition of the AudioBunkA SoundSystem Live-Radio-Show is infected with the Corona Virus. But the Show must ...
    Datum:14.04.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #56 feat. FCK Corona

    Audio One of the most outstanding awesome undefined fresh & clean Radioshows these crazy days of ours! WE did IT - a cra ...
    Datum:30.04.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #57 feat. Veno

    Audio We had our "Electro Lockdown" in the 57. Edition of the AudioBunkA HipHop Radioshow, so its just a part of the whole ...
    Datum:15.05.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #58 feat. BlakkAfghan

    Audio We fight the power and tuned up the volume for all BPoc Activists, Musicians, and people in solidarity with all vic ...
    Datum:11.06.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #59 feat. GAS

    Audio In the 59. edition we proudly present you a fresh and hot Rapcrew called "GAS". As you can hear it was much fun ta ...
    Datum:13.07.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #60 feat. SAMT

    Audio For the 60. Show we invited one of the most famous Rapper outta Vorarlberg - SAMT He presented his new EP "Phönix" ...
    Datum:07.08.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #61 feat. Michallon Production

    Audio Believing in themselves is program these days so we proudly anounce one of the faces you never see behind the scene! ...
    Datum:03.09.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #62 feat. Drogu

    Audio We no want drugs, we wanted some 'DROGU' in the house, but police showed up and he gave his best to roll on from the ...
    Datum:01.10.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #63 feat. Jay Walker & KingSize

    Audio Yo celebrating five years live on Air with the 63. Show in a full packed BunkA we had much fun interviewing "Jay Wal ...
    Datum:29.10.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #64 feat. YMD

    Audio Yo! another awesome 'Lockdown Session' with our virtual studioguests 'YMD' straight outta BRZ in the hoods of VBG wa ...
    Datum:27.11.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #65 feat. Santa Claus Best of 2020

    Audio It's christmas time and we catched the holy vibe making it a noisy night with a look back at some of the best releas ...
    Datum:24.12.2020 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #66

    Audio The very first show of the new year was full of exclusive surprises and good news, like the 'Online Voting for the H ...
    Datum:21.01.2021 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #67

    Audio The very best show so far in this fresh year with the 5 Final Tracks for the TRACK of the YEAR 2020 #TOTY2020 and s ...
    Datum:19.02.2021 Wertung:
  • AudiobunkA #68 feat. BigSize & Muhi

    Audio Last but not least before this unreal situation avoid us from representing real Hip Hop Culture we proudly happy to ...
    Datum:18.03.2021 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #69 feat. Beatbangers

    Audio In the 69. edition we had Legend's burning down the house. Another visit by the 'BEATBANGERS' with their fresh new a ...
    Datum:15.04.2021 Wertung:
  • AudioBunkA #70

    The 70. edition of the monthly Hip Hop Radioshow straight outta Vorarlberg, is a highly recommended review on the la ...
    Datum:17.05.2021 Wertung:

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