St Luke's Thurnby

St Luke's Thurnby



2-5-21 Genesis 1:31-2:3
18 Minuten
If humanity is the highpoint of creation the goal of creation is rest. The day of rest gives hope that God will keep his promises and it shows us what life is for.
25-4-21 Genesis 1:24-30
18 Minuten
To be human means being made in the image of God and made for a purpose. Our experience is this image is marred and purpose frustrated but in Jesus we are renewed to a life of knowing and experiencing God as Father and a life of fruitfulness.
18-4-21 Genesis 1:1-25
19 Minuten
In the beginning we are introduced to God who is eternal, loving, powerful and is the God to be worshipped.
11-4-21 Matthew 28:11-20
15 Minuten
Jesus' body was not stolen away by his friends but really is alive. This is good news to go and take to all people
4-4-2021 1 Peter 1:3-9
14 Minuten
Easter means hope. The resurrection gives us new life into a living hope which brings unending, unsquashable, and unsealable joy

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