The Downtown Phoenix Podcast

The Downtown Phoenix Podcast

A weekly podcast about how to get involved in Downtown Phoenix


Episode 10: That’s A Wrap
The final episode (for now!) of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast. Thank you for making this a part of your advocacy and urbanism toolkit. Show Notes: Our Announcement: Jon Talton’s Rogue Column...
Episode 9: Catching Our Breath
With apologies to our listeners, as we were editing our actual Episode 9, we realized that it didn’t meet the high standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves at The Downtown Phoenix Podcast. Our Series 2 première will be Monday July 21. In the...
Episode 8: Assessing the Health of Our Communities
Episode 8, the inaugural series finale, looks at how we can assess the health of our communities. Malissa Geer joins Edward Jensen in conversation.       
Episode 7: From Point A to Point B
Episode 7 of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast talks transportation issues in downtown Phoenix from three different lenses and perspectives.       
Episode 6: The Phoenix Budget 102
17 Stunden 32 Minuten
Episode 6 (The Phoenix Budget 102) of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast: our conversation with Paul Loomans of Phoenix Spokes People       

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The Downtown Phoenix Podcast provides serious conversation on issues facing urbanism in Phoenix.

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