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  • #31 Cherry Tree Massacre

    Audio Bike thefts are down 11% in Berlin. Just over 30,000 bikes were reported stolen in the past year, 4000 less than the ...
    Datum:09.03.2018 Wertung:
  • #32 Hasenheide Goat Killers

    Audio As Berlin's unemployment rate falls to half of its 2005 level, Mayor Michael Müller has proposed introducing a "sol ...
    Datum:06.04.2018 Wertung:
  • #33 U-Bahn Flood Alert

    Audio Chris Dercon has resigned from the Volksbuehne Theater, just six months into the job, and following a lot of fuss ov ...
    Datum:20.04.2018 Wertung:
  • #34 How To F#€k Up An Airport - Episode 4: Never Finished

    Audio A special live recording of the fourth and (maybe) last episode. Take a tour of all four of Berlin’s under-constru ...
    Datum:04.05.2018 Wertung:
  • #35 Return of the Toxic Caterpillars

    Audio Sick of cars parking in bike lanes? Write own parking tickets during Falschparker Aktionswoche, which starts on May ...
    Datum:18.05.2018 Wertung:
  • #36 Don't Delete That Video

    Audio A video of black people being kicked out of KFC at Alexanderplatz raises question. Is it illegal to call police raci ...
    Datum:03.06.2018 Wertung:
  • #37 Ring Bahn Station Roulette

    Audio The S-Bahn wants to improve punctuality by introducing express trains that skip a couple of stops on the Ring. A tri ...
    Datum:14.07.2018 Wertung:
  • #38 Squealing Trains, Smelly Drains

    Audio Berlin’s scorching summer is breaking records. Earlier this week the city experienced its hottest night ever, with ...
    Datum:03.08.2018 Wertung:
  • #39 Free Haircuts for Tall Men

    Audio TV series Babylon Berlin is searching for 3000 extras, but bearded men need not apply. You must be over 1.86 meters ...
    Datum:24.08.2018 Wertung:
  • #40 Google F#€ks Off

    Audio Google has abandoned plans to open its so-called Campus in Kreuzberg. This follows a long campaign by anti-gentrific ...
    Datum:26.10.2018 Wertung:
  • #41 Keep Berlin Colourful

    Audio Billboards have gone up encouraging people to voluntarily leave Germany. The Interior Ministry - run by the CSU's Ho ...
    Datum:30.11.2018 Wertung:
  • #42 Get Used to the U-Bahn Squeeze

    Audio The U-Bahn announcement about "trains running at irregular intervals" is becoming quite regular. Passenger numbers a ...
    Datum:21.12.2018 Wertung:
  • #43 Five out of Six Dogs

    Audio Berlin police are deploying decoy bicycles with GPS trackers to catch bike thieves. It's already worked several time ...
    Datum:11.01.2019 Wertung:
  • #44 No More Ausländerbehörde

    Audio The Ausländerbehörde will soon no longer exist - in name only. The much feared foreigner's office will be rebrande ...
    Datum:08.03.2019 Wertung:
  • #45 BVG Hearts Graffiti

    Audio Berlin is a noisy city, and it's getting louder. Stats show police cars activated their lights and sirens 158,000 ti ...
    Datum:22.03.2019 Wertung:
  • #46 Swap your apartments for an airport?

    Audio New f#€k ups have been discovered at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Builders used plastic Dübel, or wall anchors, to ...
    Datum:19.04.2019 Wertung:
  • #47 Seize that Pad Thai

    Audio Berlin now has two top level football teams after FC Union jumped up to the Bundesliga by winning a play-off match. ...
    Datum:14.06.2019 Wertung:
  • #48 No Rent for Royalty

    Audio Berlin now has 750 millionaire residents - twice as many as in 2016, according to the Finanzamt. The majority live i ...
    Datum:26.07.2019 Wertung:
  • #49 Why the Berliner Crossed the Road

    Audio Berlin police have registered 74 accidents involving e-scooters since June. Almost all of the riders were drunk. The ...
    Datum:20.09.2019 Wertung:
  • #50 Rent Freeze 1 - The Experiment

    Audio What happens when an entire city of 3.5 million residents stops paying rent increases for the next five years? Welco ...
    Datum:28.01.2020 Wertung:
  • #51 Rent Freeze 2 - Magic Words

    Audio Berlin’s rent freeze has begun, but nobody seems to know what’s going on. Landlords and tenants alike are confus ...
    Datum:05.03.2020 Wertung:
  • #52 Lockdown: Clean Your Windows

    Audio "The time for partying is over," Berlin's health senator Dilek Kalayci said, announcing the shut down of the city. B ...
    Datum:16.03.2020 Wertung:
  • #53 Lockdown: Park Police

    Audio Put that picnic blanket away, and don’t dare drink a beer in the park. Berlin's signature freedoms are being restr ...
    Datum:30.03.2020 Wertung:
  • Lockdown Special #7: Excuse for Everything

    Audio Berlin starts counting the cost of the shutdown. Business tax revenues have plummeted by 90%. Who’s going to pay t ...
    Datum:22.05.2020 Wertung:
  • #55 Lockdown: Crowded Canals

    Audio Almost everything is open again, but the crisis isn't over. 30% of Berlin workers are now jobless or on Kurzarbeit s ...
    Datum:08.06.2020 Wertung:

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