President Biden says green hydrogen is key to a lower emissions future. So, what is it?
10 Minuten
We’ve now been covering potential climate solutions on the show for about two years and yet, we must confess, hadn’t thought much about green hydrogen until President Biden brought it up at the climate summit last week. Biden thinks hydrogen plants c...
Biden sees net zero emissions in our future, but the plan relies partly on magic
10 Minuten
Carbon capture is the talk of the climate scene right now. That’s technology that removes planet-warming carbon dioxide from the air and sequesters it in the Earth. President Joe Biden on Earth Day laid out a vision of net zero emissions by 2050 that...
Well, AI got quite the talking to this week
12 Minuten
The Federal Trade Commission issued a strongly worded post Monday, warning companies against unfair or deceptive practices in their use of artificial intelligence as well as violations of fair-credit rules. It told companies to hold themselves accoun...
The global chip shortage is hurting startups dreaming up new products
8 Minuten
The shortage of semiconductors that has shut down some car factories isn’t going away anytime soon, even though chipmakers are building new factories and promising to ramp up production. The thing is, computer chips are in everything these days. Look...
The right to fix your own stuff is finally having a moment in state legislatures
9 Minuten
About half of U.S. states are considering right-to-repair bills. They would require manufacturers to publish manuals so that anyone can make repairs on electronics and appliances — everything from iPhones to tractors to ventilators. Some of the bills...

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