Google AdWords | AdWords Secrets Video Podcast

Google AdWords | AdWords Secrets Video Podcast

Learn the inside secrets to winning with Google AdWords!


Google AdWords and E-Commerce Shopping Carts
Google AdWords includes powerful free tracking, along with Google Analytics, but they won't help much if you're not using your own e-commerce shopping cart. Learn why. Click Here to Download Video
Maximize your AdWords return by maximizing your site's conversion
When clients request my help in maximizing their Google AdWords return on investment, I explain that they must first maximize their site's conversion rate - learn how you can, quickly! Click Here to Watch
A Very Good Reason To Be Using AdWords!
Learn a hidden reason - one of many - why you need to be using Google AdWords, even if you think you don't. Click Here to Download
AdWords Quality Score and the Google Slap
Learn how to maximize the mysterious AdWords Quality Score and recover from the infamous Google Slap - or prevent it from happening in the first place! Click Here to View
Google AdWords | Maximizing AdWords Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
Frank Rumbauskas, Google-Certified AdWords Professional and New York Times bestselling author, explains why AdWords clickthrough rate (CTR) is even more important than your bid price, and how to maximize it for maximum AdWords results! Click Here to...

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