Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast


161: Cemetery Confessions Gets Cancelled
2 Stunden 13 Minuten
This month we take a look at Gaza and the history of the Middle East. We'll explore the current conflict in the region and discuss how world events shape and impact the goth scene. Our guest this episode is Hani Please consider supporting...
160: Gen Z vs. Millennials: Who's the Better Goth
2 Stunden 33 Minuten
Cover Photo by Pascal Bauret https://www.instagram.com/pascal.de.paris.fotos/ It’s the battle of decades. How do Gen Z and Millennials define goth differently, has goth lost it’s mystery and magic when we...
Music Mausoleum: Attrition
2 Stunden 13 Minuten
On this episode we discuss why no one knows what the hell 'darkwave' is, explore Trae's piano fetish, oh and we review some albums as well. Of note: This episode was recorded before the tragic death of Steve Albini, which is why this was no...
158: Noughties: The Story of Goth in the 2000's
3 Stunden 16 Minuten
Why did goths change the way they interacted with outsiders after Columbine, why was fashion of the time starkly different from today, why was gatekeeping part of the scene in the first place, and why weren’t goths allowed to smile before 2010....
157: The Goth Umbrella: Gatekeepers, Poseurs and Historicity
2 Stunden 1 Minute
We're speaking with Natasha Sharf about goth drama, debating whether goth is an umbrella term or not, exploring the impact of goth fashion leaking into the mainstream and much more! Authored Books | Prog...

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The world's number 1 Goth talk podcast! We discuss news related to the goth experience with a different guest each month, exploring the history, music, literature, fashion and community of the culture. We also feature interviews with artists and academics, album, book and movie reviews, debates, drama and more!

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