The Fluidity of Resistance

The Fluidity of Resistance

The Podcast about queer Club Culture in Berlin


6. Whoring Club Culture: Alice Danger
49 Minuten
In this episode host neo seefried meets dominatrix, prostitute defender and multimedia artist Alice Danger. They are inspired by power relations and BDSM and also by nightlife as the crossing location of effects and movements.Together they talk...
5. Being in the Room Privilege: Olympia
59 Minuten
Long time no see, but The Fluidity of Resistance is back! In the fifth episode host neo seefried invites drag queen, choreographer, moderator, and writer Olympia Bukkakis. Her practice is inspired by tensions and intersections between queer n...
4. Taking Space: Sander & Fadescha
54 Minuten
The month of July is the official pride month in Berlin. Especially at that time we see an increased visibility of queer topics and also queer club culture is more present in the city. But which queer lived experiences are really being negotiat...
3. Generational Gap: Emi und Jens
53 Minuten
Viele Berliner Clubs und Tanzflächen sind dafür bekannt, dass sie junge und alte Raver miteinander vereinen, doch seit der Pandemie beobachten wir, wie die unterschiedlichen Generationen sich voneinander entfernen. In der dritten Episode von Fl...
2. Juan Carlos and Sir Rita
55 Minuten
In the second episode, neo talks with their guests about the dancefloor as a social space and raving as an experience. What do we feel when we are on the dancefloor? Sir Rita, curator and writer for GEGEN relates raving to them as dance therapy...

Über diesen Podcast

Due to its special history, Berlin has always been a city of transformation - politically, socially, culturally, economically. Currently, such a moment of change is again palpable. These experiences are particularly reflected in the city's club culture, which is known and celebrated worldwide. Today, club culture is seen primarily as an economic and cultural factor. Less often we consider from which social structures club culture emerges, which communities shape it, keep it going and thus also define the social life of the city. For many queer and marginalised people, club culture is not simply a possibility for hedonistic leisure activities, but a social necessity. We are the collective ( ) s-p-a-c-e and we look at Berlin's club culture from a queer and subcultural perspective. We don’t want to talk about club culture but aim to listen to voices from within the community — from queer club workers, collectives, bookers, DJs, artists, bartenders, bouncers, promoters, technicians, runners and cultural workers. What defines Berlin's club culture? Who shapes it? What supporting role do queer communities play and why? Who has access and who doesn't? Who benefits? How can club culture remain significant? And how can we create resistant but open places that challenge social, (hetero)normative and capitalist conditions? We want to ask these and other questions in the Fluidity of Resistance - the podcast about queer club culture in Berlin. Podcast produced by collective ( ) s-p-a-c-e Hosted by neo seefried Research and editing by xan egger und neo seefried Track 'The Hustle' courtesy of Nene H Audio edit by Gilles Yann Smrkovsky Design by xan egger Design edit by wro wrzesinska

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