Sabotage for the climate? A court case from Sweden | Stefan Gsänger interviews Janine O’Keeffe
58 Minuten
As the climate crisis is more and more escalating without appropriate reactions from governments, climate activists have started new forms of protest, including civil disobedience. Many of those cases have landed at courts and some public prose...
How the Renewable Energy Movement started in Denmark and spread around the World | with Jane Kruse, Nordic Folkecenter, Denmark
59 Minuten
Already in the 1970s and 1980s, triggered by the oil crises, growing environmental concerns and nuclear accidents with devastating consequences, there was a growing movement of people who saw renewable energy - wind power, solar energy, bioener...
What are key messages from the IPCC report? With Muhammad Irfan Tariq (IPCC), Pakistan
51 Minuten
The 6th Assessment Report AR6 published recently by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC has conveyed a very clear message: The climate crisis is already a reality, many of the predictions climate scientists made in the past are c...
Defining ecocide as legal tool to fight the climate crisis | with Pia Björstrand, #lawyersforfuture
40 Minuten
In light of the climate crisis, legal action has become an important pathway to act, next to political action, practical action and civil disobedience. Courts in several countries have already taken groundbreaking decisions and forced governmen...
Wind Power around the World – why has the deployment recently been slowing down?
57 Minuten
Energy is a key sector for effective climate change mitigation, and 100% renewable energy globally is a mandatory pre-condition in order to stop and reverse the climate crisis. Wind power, together with solar energy, has seen a tremendous b...

Über diesen Podcast

Janine O’Keeffe and Stefan Gsänger present the Empower4Climate Podcast focussing on how mankind’s biggest challenge, the climate crisis, can be tackled based on bottom-up approaches. Millions of people around the globe are ready to act for the climate but often they are hindered by political, mental and economic barriers. Janine and Stefan discuss in 45 minutes how to overcome these hurdles and how people can be empowered. For this purpose, they will talk about the latest developments in the ongoing climate catastrophe and energy with climate and renewable energy experts from around the world, both from industrialised as well from the developing countries.

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