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Harbour Beatz presents AneBé
2 Stunden 4 Minuten
https://ebeatz.link/anebe Two friends who started their way in the techno orbit in the 90s. They are characterised by trance and spiritual sounds and today celebrate their acoustic creativity in the joint project AneBé. ____________________________...
NachtgerAngel mit Paradox.Hamburg
4 Stunden 58 Minuten
Mitschnitt der Sets von Jared Austin & Bass-T Vernunft von der NachtgerAngel mit Paradox.Hamburg. Jared Austin (Paradox.Hamburg) [00:00:00] >> https://ebeatz.link/jaredaustin Bass-T Vernunft (Paradox.Hamburg) [02:23:30] >> https://ebeatz.link/basst...
Harbour Beatz presents BardAK
1 Stunde 1 Minute
Born in 1983 behind the Iron Curtain (in what is now Kazakhstan). Grew up and (as)socialised in Berlin 1992-2001, since 2001 in the greater Stuttgart area. ____________________________________________________________ Harbour Beatz goes Hans Albers Kl...
Harbour Beatz presents Haidehude
After fleeing East Germany, Haidehude grew up in the Black Forest and made his first contact with the techno scene in the mid-90s. Influenced at that time by the HR3 Clubnight and regular visits to the Omen (FFM). Around the 2000s, Haidehude founded...
NachtgerAngel - The Beginning
6 Stunden 45 Minuten
Renegat (Sinus Recordings) https://ebeatz.link/renegat Seydou Salomon (Electronic Beatz Network) https://ebeatz.link/seydousalomon S.H.A.E. (Bad Feminists) https://ebeatz.link/shae Da Voice (Paradox.Hamburg) https://ebeatz.link/davoice Florian Ma...

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