Sweet Leads - The BizzBee Podcast

Sweet Leads - The BizzBee Podcast


04 episode - Who is it For?
30 Minuten
In the 4th episode of the BizzBee podcast, "Sweet Leads, Dancho, Natasha and Vera discuss about: 1. From which services you can expect countless sweet leads? 2. Which services shouldn't even bother with outreach? 3. What you can do...
03 episode - Sweet Leads
23 Minuten
In the 3rd episode of the BizzBee podcast, "Sweet Leads, Dancho, Natasha and Vera set the bar straight on what are warm leads. Or, as we like to call them - sweet leads. If someone schedules a meeting, can we hall them a sweet lead? Not every o...
02 episode - Why Prospecting?
29 Minuten
In the 2nd episode of the BizzBee podcast, "Sweet Leads, Dancho, Natasha and Vera talk on numerous topics: 1. Why should one decide on prospecting or outbound growth? 2. The difference between inbound and outbound 3. Why paid ads don't...
01 episode - The Origin
28 Minuten
The first episode of the BizzBee podcast "Sweet Leads" is out for the world to see. Or, to listen to is, in this case. The stars of the show? We swear by the B2B Outreach Bible, "Sweet Leads", you'll be in great company. 1. Danch...

Über diesen Podcast

What every business needs to survive and to grow are new clients. In the B2B world, new clients equal generating highly qualified sweet leads. Well, for BizzBee Solutions, the way to that was via outreach. Dancho Dimkov, MBA, CMC, CEO of BizzBee Solutions, author of "Sweet Leads" and BizzBee's Outreach COO - Natasha Razmoska reveal all their outreach knowledge and experience to this podcast's host Vera Eftimovska, MA, and BizzBee's Content COO. It's a dream team with tons of valuable insights on prospecting and who it works for, how much effort and time it takes, and the best way to do it.

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