The Mastering Show

The Mastering Show

This is the show where we cover all aspects of ma…


The Mastering Show Podcast #87 - Fix mastering problems - in the recording !
1 Stunde 12 Minuten
It’s amazing what mastering can achieve - but it’s also amazing how many things can influence the results we get right from the recording stage. In this episode Ian talks to Mike Senior about how to fix mastering problems at the recording stage, with...
The Mastering Show Podcast #86 - Mastering plugins - technical versus creative
41 Minuten
As mastering plugins become more sophisticated and more technical, there’s an interesting trend towards making the interfaces… less so. As well as traditional technical terms and numbered scales, controls labelled with less technical terms like “warm...
The Mastering Show Podcast #85 - Mixerman versus Mastering
54 Minuten
You’ve probably heard of Eric Sarafin, aka Mixerman, but have you heard what he has to say about mastering ? As always it’s entertaining, potentially controversial but also thought-provoking, so it seemed like a good idea to get him on the show and a...
The Mastering Show #84 - Apple switch to LUFS and enable Sound Check by default
42 Minuten
This is huge - Apple have finally started using LUFS for their loudness normalisation, which means all the major streaming services now use the same method to measure loudness ! And perhaps more importantly, they’ve enable Sound Check by default on n...
The Mastering Show #83 - Mastering for clubs & DJs with Luca Pretolesi
56 Minuten
In this episode we tackle one of the biggest challenges in modern mastering - the demand for super-loud masters in the dance & EDM genres. Our guest is Luca Pretolesi, and we talk to him in-depth about his approach to mastering for clubs & DJs. Luca’...

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This is the show where we cover all aspects of mastering. If you're interested in mastering, want to learn how to get better results mastering your own music, or even want to be a mastering engineer, this is the show you want to hear.

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