Greenpeace Unearthed

Greenpeace Unearthed

News and investigations on climate change and the…


David Attenborough in conversation with Unearthed
13 Minuten
Unearthed editor Damian Kahya sat down with the world's greatest environmental broadcaster to talk politics, climate change and how to tell stories about the natural world.
EVENT: New Kids on the Block in Investigative Journalism
36 Minuten
This is a recording of our 13 October event at London's Frontline Club. Greenpeace has recently hired a team of investigative journalists to dig deeper into stories about climate change and the environment. We’re not alone. Other global charities lik...
Damming the Amazon: The Fight for the Tapajós River
32 Minuten
iTunes subscribe link: This is the story of the struggle of the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon to oppose vast new dam projects which threaten their way of life – and our clima...

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News and investigations on climate change and the environment. From Greenpeace UK.

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