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Myths About D/s Relationships: How to Break Them Down to Find the Truth of a Healthy D/s Dynamic | Submissive Guide
13 Minuten
When people ask me what a D/s relationship is like, my first response is 'it looks like any other relationship,' but that's not entirely accurate. All relationships are unique and personal to the people in them, making a sound basis for any D/s...
The Importance of Safety, Risk-Awareness and Consent in Pre-Scene BDSM | Submissive Guide
18 Minuten
Negotiation and consent are the primary ways BDSM is distinguished from abuse - they are essential parts of kinky play. But far too many people gloss over how important it is to be really good at negotiating so that you can have great kinky f...
The Key Traits of a Service Submissive - They Can Be Learned! | Submissive Guide
17 Minuten
Anyone can learn to be a good service submissive, even if you don't feel you are a people pleaser, because the key traits are all ones that can be learned and refined. When you take steps to improve yourself now, you'll be able to tackle a vari...
Active Submission - Make Yourself Available to Your Dominant | Submissive Guide
11 Minuten
We need to make sure we take an active role in submission to help open up the dynamic and not wait for our Dominant to come up with a command to give us. By taking on an active role in our submission, we not only have more opportunities to be s...
Non-sexual Service and How To Add It To Your Dynamic | Submissive Guide
16 Minuten
Using my experience as a service submissive, I'd like to share what non-sexual service is and help you figure out if service is something you want to explore. I'll talk about a few different styles of service you could learn. Then we'll cover h...

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We are a podcast sharing BDSM articles from Submissive Guide. We believe education and shared knowledge are key to learning and exploring BDSM and D/s relationships.Since 2009, Submissive Guide's mission has been to provide down to earth educational BDSM content that can really help people learn and explore kink and D/s relationships in a healthy way. That is our continued goal.No matter where you are in your submissive journey, we'll be there.

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