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#39 EQUAL CARE – Why should I care?
59 Minuten
Is equal care an issue that only women care about? (I really wish it wasn’t, but why didn’t a single man show up to this discussion?) If I work part-time, should my partner be participating in care work too? (I say, hell yeah!)  Are t...
#38 Creating work environments that work for all - with Lea Haep
21 Minuten
Different generations expect different things from their work environments - which is where Lea Haep comes in. The MD at STARTUP TEENS & Gen Talents helps businesses achieve what she calls “work that works for all.”  Why is this so importan...
#37 CARING IS SHARING - Why Equal Care matters with Almut Schnerring
29 Minuten
Why should I care about equal care? Well, it’s a tricky topic which at some point will crop up in every relationship. It’s hard for all of us to navigate; none of us have hit on the perfect solution or the perfect balance - but that’s exac...
#36 PARENTING POWER - Why putting shoes on a toddler is a leadership skill for the future, with Christina Sontheim-Leven
29 Minuten
“Everyone is talking about AI and where to use AI,” says Christina Sontheim-Leven in our newest podcast - and as CHRO and board member of @CEWE , she’s fully aware of the importance of encouraging people within her organisation to “broaden thei...
#35 TWO TO TANGO - The magic of working in tandem, with Nina Gillmann
32 Minuten
Tandem solutions may not be mainstream yet, but at @MyCollective we’re hearing more and more people talking about them - and our community are parents who work in a really diverse range of industries. Some of them have even formed a group for t...

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Conversations about careers, families, innovation, diversity, equality and life - with thought leaders from industry, academia and culture. How did they live their successful careers while - in most cases - raising families? What skills did parenting teach them that now serve them in their leadership roles elsewhere? What did they wish they’d known when they started their companies? What tips do they have to achieve what we think of as the magic triangle - combining the right care model with the right work model and just the right amount of mental load to be engaged but not overpowered?  Interviews to inspire innovation, diversity and change led by Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier, founder of MyCollective - 

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