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#22: What's your problem with workplace conflict?
43 Minuten
Love might be in the air this February, but what relationship is without its spats? As CIPD research recently found conflict to be “very much part of organisational life”, we set out to learn how to walk towards conflict and have better workplace dis...
#21: New year, better wellbeing?
44 Minuten
At the start of the year, many people resolve to ditch alcohol and junk food and hit the gym in a bid to get healthy – and many businesses are using this to bolster their health and wellbeing offerings for 2020. So there’s no better time for That HR...
#20: What the roaring twenties might bring for HR
40 Minuten
It’s been a long year, let alone decade. Before many people wind down to celebrate Christmas and see in the new year, That HR Podcast sat down with some industry experts to break down some of the biggest topics affecting HR, from equal pay to Brexit....
#19: What could HR do with better data?
36 Minuten
Broadcasting from HR’s most anticipated event of the year, the People Management team took the pulse of the profession at the CIPD’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester – including a discussion of the power of analytics to drive progress i...
#18: How far should employee monitoring go?
38 Minuten
Have you ever felt like somebody is watching you? Every day, we receive dozens of emails, interact with colleagues via instant messengers and increasingly use internal social media to document our output – all of which can be now be used by employers...

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