C2 Media Podcast

C2 Media Podcast



018 Template Specifications, Part 1
Template Specifications, Part 1This podcast provides a guide to the templates available on the C2Media.us website. We also provide some tips for working with our EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format templates.
017 Production Hints, Part 2
Production Hints, Part 2This podcast continues the discussion about reproducing disc face art on Cds and DVDs. We talk about the different areas on a disc, and how the textures of each area can affect your graphics — sometimes in unexpected ways...
016 Production Hints, Part 1
Production Hints, Part 1This podcast goes into more detail about the various options available for printing on the face of a disc, including the newer digital printing process.
015 Mixing Resolutions
Mixing ResolutionsThis segment rviews the differences between the resolution used for print and web graphics (300 dpi vs. 72 dpi), and outlines the dangers of mixing resolutions in print projects.
014 Image Capture
Image CaptureThis segment surveys image capture: what is it, how to do it and uses. We also discuss the difference between flatbed and rotary scanners.

Über diesen Podcast

The C2 Media Podcast is a short program covering the basics of print production and media replication. C2 Media (pronounced C-Squared Media) shares decades of experience in the field to help newcomers avoid the common mistakes made by clients creating print or media projects.

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