The Geologic Podcast Episode #804
52 Minuten
  The Show Notes   M*A*S*H* Intro Phone battery Ask George      - Famous Bethlehemers? from Ken W.      - Visiting Ukraine? from Roy in Michigan Religious Moron of the Week      - Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Tell Me Something Go...
The Geologic Podcast Episode #803
47 Minuten
  The Show Notes   Initially finicky but eventually fishy Intro Tickets available for April 22nd Watching QVC History Chunk      - February 23rd Religious Moron of the Week      - Reverend Pitotori Naera Stolen Youth: Inside the C...
The Geologic Podcast Episode #802
53 Minuten
 The Show Notes  Is this the apocalypse? Intro Favorite place in the world Interesting Fauna      - Bees and Zero A Quick Chronicle of Valentine’s Day Tell Me Something Good      -Food Recovery Network’s Super Bowl Plan Religiou...
The Geologic Podcast Episode #800
1 Stunde 40 Minuten
 The Show Notes  INTRO 
 Nyetflix from show no. 15, May 2007 Geo’s Great-great-great Grandparents      from show no. 637, November 2019 Lou Rawls Car Alarm from show no. 8, April 2007 Dungarees from show no. 380, September 2014...
The Geologic Podcast Episode #799
48 Minuten
 The Show Notes  The other person in demo video Intro BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Terpsichore The History Chunk      - January 24th Please share OSftPT Religious Moron of the Week      - Gerald Johnson Your 10-Year-Old Self Interesting Fa...

Über diesen Podcast

The Geologic Podcast is a weekly podcast consisting of personal stories, comedy sketches, news commentary, music and movie reviews, science advocacy, original songs, and interviews. Its host and producer is musician, composer, drummer, comedian, storyteller, TEDx speaker, event emcee, and vigilant defender of the Theory of Gravity— George Hrab. The content often draws from Geo’s musical career; the music industry in general; his adventures as a semi-almost-famous critical thinker; his fascination with language, culture, and science; and ranges in tone from incredibly serious to unbearably silly. The show’s name is a portmanteau of “George” and “Logic,” and—quite confusingly—the show contains no geology content whatsoever. Recurring characters on the show (all portrayed by Hrab) include Dr. Damian Handzy, Mortimer, Minoishe Interroberg, Rupert McClanahan and many others. The podcast content varies from week to week, but often features several of a number of recurring segments including Interesting Fauna, Ask George, Geo’s Mom Reads Jay-Z Lyrics, The History Chunk, Horror-Scopes, and The Weekly Standard. George looks at his show as a type of “brain sorbet” for those who may need the occasional respite from the “coarses” of life. The podcast started in February 2007, and George has rarely missed posting one episode per week ever since. Just ask his therapist.

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