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  • DJ Christopher started probably as most DJ's did when they were kids by making mix tapes of some of their favorite songs from the radio. Grabbing the tape recorder and trying to make sure it was ready when "that" song would come on, cause you never knew when the replay would be on. Christopher then graduated to making the mix CD since that replaced the cassette tape. Granted the CD mixes were a little harder to make due to cost of the media and equipment at the time. DJ Christopher's first paying DJ gig was in a little bar in Ft. Worth, Texas called the 651 Club. It was a small country bar where vinyl, cassette tape and CD's were all used. The pay wasn't that high but the staff and patron's enjoyed the fresh new songs and he was kept on as a resident DJ. After many years away from the DJ booth but not to far away from the music, he re-emerged in the DJ booth as a resident DJ at Charlies Denver. Still in touch with his country roots he would act as fill in DJ for the popular country bar on Colfax Ave. He then made a huge splash in the PBR Party Room at Charlie's with his fresh re-mixes and retro nights as well.

    DJ Christopher has made several changes on how he plays over the years...from using cassettes, vinyl and CD to going all Digital. He says "Just because I've moved up in technology doesn't mean the job has become easier. You still have to be able to read your crowd and your fans, and if you're playing something that doesn't work you better have something else ready to go or you can lose the whole floor."

    Some events DJ Christopher has been involved with are:
    Denver PRIDE Kick-Off Party 2011,
    Denver PRIDE Country Stage 2011,
    JR's Denver Hero Party 2011,
    JR's Denver PRIDE Party 2011,
    Occupy Mo's Party 2010,

    He has also been a resident DJ at the following:
    The 651 Club, Fort Worth, Texas,
    Charlie's Denver, Denver Colorado,
    The Compound/Basix, Denver Colorado,
    Broadway's Denver, Denver Colorado

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