The Perception & Action Podcast

The Perception & Action Podcast


472 – Is Premature Theorizing Hurting Skill Acquisition Research, Rajiv Ranganathan & Andrew Driska
46 Minuten
an interview with Rajiv Ranganthan & Andrew Driska discussing their recent article: “Is Premature Theorizing Hurting Skill Acquisition Research” Articles:  Is premature theorizing hurting skill acquisition research?   More info...
471 – The Legacy of Michael Turvey
18 Minuten
A brief look at the incredible career of Michael Turvey and his contributions to the ecological approach to perception-action   Articles: MICHAEL T. TURVEY – INTERVIEW AND REFLECTION   More information: http://perceptiona...
470 - Individual Differences in the Magnitude & Variability of Muscle Load With Repetitive Action
15 Minuten
What is the effect of repetitive loading (e.g., throwing 100 pitches) on a pitcher’s elbow? How does variability come into play? Is it the same for all pitchers? Articles: Magnitude and variability of individual elbow load in repetitive...
469 – On the Usefulness of the Concept of “Muscle Memory” in Skill Acquisition
13 Minuten
What exactly do we mean by the term “muscle memory” and does it fit at all within the ecological approach to skill? Articles: Muscle Memory and the Somaesthetic Pathologies of Everyday Life   More information: http://perception...
468 – Representative Learning Design & The Ecological Approach to Transfer of Training
49 Minuten
How do we conceptualize transfer of training from an ecological point of view? What elements must be present in practice for it to result in an improvement in competition?   More information: My Resear...

Über diesen Podcast

Exploration of how psychological research can be applied to improving performance, accelerating skill acquisition and designing new technologies in sports and other high performance domains. Hosted by Rob Gray, professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, the podcast will review basic concepts and discuss the latest research in these areas.

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