The Emotional Intelligence Channel

The Emotional Intelligence Channel

The Emotional Intelligence Training Channel


How To Delegate Effectively
Scott Watson shares tips and secrets on how to delegate more effectively. More podcasts and blog posts can be found at The Management Training Academy
How To Maximise Understanding & Avoid Annoying Errors
Many of the problems which occur in the workplace are directly related to a lack, or complete absence, of shared understanding and clarity re goals.  Save yourself time, energy…and a few headaches by listening to this audiocast.  Feel free to share w...
The One Word That Removes Barriers To Learning
Do you ever encounter someone who, despite their best efforts, just can’t seem to learn that new skill, and are getting frustrated, stressed and possibly angry with themselves in the process? This podcast shares with you the one word which can quickl...
Questions To Engage Your Team
Do you want to engage your team members more effectively?  Would it be a good thing to help them want to get involved and do their best?  This podcast shares some thoughts with you on how to achieve this, quickly and easily. Find out more at http://w...
A Week Full of Emotions
Enjoy doing this 5 minute activity which explores the emotions you experience on a daily and weekly basis.

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