The Backyard Buddhist Podcast

The Backyard Buddhist Podcast

Ancient wisdom for everyday enlightenment.


Episode #141 - "Reduce All Suffering Here and Now"
In this episode of the Backyard Buddhist Podcast we are taking about the root of all suffering and most importantly how to spot it.  Once you spot it you can eliminate or at least reduce it's thrall.  We often miss the forest for the trees with react...
Episode #140 - "The Heart of Greatness"
What makes a great singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor or teacher?  Is there a gene that causes greatness?  Oprah says that luck is opportunity meeting preparation. So is greatness the preparation or is it the opportunity?  Join Ronn Pawo McLane...
Episode #139 - "How To Remove Obstacles From Your Path"
We all have experience situations that feel terrible and you wish them to be gone. We have also all had experiences when we felt that someone or something stood in our way of achieving something or getting somewhere. For me, obstacle removing was the...
Episode #138 - "Illuminating Our Truest Nature"
In the non-dual teachings of the Buddha we find ourselves faced with "The Two Witnesses", those being relative and absolute viewpoints.  In this episode of the Backyard Buddhist we seek to understand both relative and absolute while accessing the per...
Episode #137 - "The Super Bowl of Bodhichitta"
Cultivating awakened heart mind or Bodhichitta can be tricky and challenging.  It is more important than ever to find understanding in the challenges of our life experiences and how to navigate those rough waters.  When we endeavor to share the merit...

Über diesen Podcast

Welcome to the Backyard Buddhist Podcast. I am Ronn Pawo McLane I have been meditating since I was twelve years old. I am a practicing Buddhist and serve as a teacher, mentor and spiritual friend to many. I have always been driven to find the practical thread for utilizing ancient Buddhist wisdom in everyday life. So join me as we discuss how to bring Buddhism into our own Backyards in search of peace and harmony for ourselves and all other beings. We are launching this podcast discussion in the midst of the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak and we could not think of a better time to begin than now when we all need connection and support. We intend to bring our Wisdom, compassion and our native humor, heart and authenticity. Subscribe now, invite your friends and we will have these conversations each week.

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