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Androidiots podcast

An android developer podcast to stay updated with…


AndroIdiots Podcast 19 :  Unwrapping Aarogya Setu App with Niharika Arora
41 Minuten
World is struggling, its struggling alot currently with the global pandemic disrupting the lives and health of people, and with the onset of disease innovative tech solutions were needed with prevention being the only cure till date for covid-19 so...
Andro Idiots Episode 18:  Custom Lints with Hitanshu Dhawan
13 Minuten
Code quality has always been a central theme in life of a software developer,  Linting is one of the easiest way to maintain some sanity over the code base. Out of the box linters that Android Studio provide gives us the power to analyse the source c...
AndroIdiots Podcast 17: Android Studio Plugins With Tushar Aeron
17 Minuten
Android Studio came out in 2013, and quickly became the goto IDE for Android Development, We also said hello to new set of features like file templates, 3rd party integrations and best of all plugins. We all have used them, often abused then, but...
AndroIdiots Podcast 16: Android Process LifeCycle
25 Minuten
Android Platform has come way since its launch from Cupcake to Pie we had lots of deserts, product features like notification centre, material design, dark theme, capabilities like Google Assistant,Video Casting, Wireless charging etc. But like any g...
Using Kotlin as a BackEnd language with Matt
24 Minuten
We are all software developers and we love to code, don't we? And ofcourse, Kotlin is our favourite language. Don't you wish you could write every system in Kotlin. Well its no news, that the Kotlin makers are actually making it true. We have discus...

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An android developer podcast to stay updated with whats new in android, best practices and how to become a better android developer

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