Your Peak Performance

Your Peak Performance


Take Dominion Over Your Life
49 Minuten
With us today to talk dominion and taking dominion over your life is the talented and inspirational Clayton E. Powell, Jr.   Clayton (Drummer/Keyboardist) has been an international performer, recording artist, composer, arranger and music educator fo...
Give Your Way To Success
31 Minuten
We Have a very special guest for you today. Aaron Walker has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 41 years. He attributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with his Mastermind counterparts. Aaron spent a decade meeting wee...
The Power of Being Halfway There
45 Minuten
 Todays guest is the amazing Eric Nevins. Eric is the host & Story Curator of “Halfway There” Podcast, and founder of Get Curious Media. As an experienced podcaster, Eric Nevins has worked with hundreds of podcasters to improve their podcast. After y...
How To Give Culture
47 Minuten
This weeks episode is with the incredible Noel Felix.  Noel was a Collegiate Athlete for the Fresno State Bulldogs from 1999-2003 and studied Psychology at CSU Fresno. He played in the NBA from 2006-2007 for the Seattle Sonics, Sacramento Kings and C...
Service The Sale
37 Minuten
Today, Kim Yeater sits down with Grant Ruthenberg to get down to the nitty gritty of sales just for sales vs. service for sales. What does that mean?  Turning ones purpose from just getting the sales to focusing on genuine and complete service, which...

Über diesen Podcast

Kim Yeater is a Peak Performance Coach, dynamic Speaker, NLP MasterPractitioner, Health & Wellness Expert, film maker of the domestic violencedocumentary, “One Voice Many Faces”, Fitness Business owner of Super BodiesIn Motion and the upcoming author of, “Freedom’s Pursuit, Run YOUR Race andDiscover Your True Identity”. Kim is a woman of high energy is spiritually impactful and stands for people knowing who they are, who they were created to be, and the purpose to which they have been called. Her desire is to powerfully transform the lives of millions around the world.She has passionately coached hundreds of clients over the past 24 years andspecializes in interconnecting mind, body, and soul wellness both personally andprofessionally. Kim’s coaching clients have broken through self-sabotage andlimited beliefs, taken their businesses to a whole new peak performance level.Her love for seeing people overcome adversity, choosing faith over fear, andaccessing their power is what drives Kim to be a bold leader empowering theworld around her to Love.She is also a stand for the survivors of domestic violence and is committed toeducating and empowering men, woman and children whose voices have beensilenced, to break the cycle of domestic violence and victim mentality, and create a transformed life of freedom, authenticity, and full self-expression.Kim is living her life dream as a blessed wife, mother of four amazing children and as a life transformer. She loves time playing with family, creating life changing live events, leading her teams in obstacle course races and triathlons, and challenging herself as well as others to bring their very best to the table.

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