Agency Leadership Podcast

Agency Leadership Podcast

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Subsidizing agency pricing by overworking employees
23 Stunden 4 Minuten
It's time for agencies to stop expecting their team members to make up for poor pricing decisions.
Beware of the experts
There are no silver bullets and you need to make the right choices for your own business.
Skinny jeans, delegating work, and leading business development
Avoid getting bogged down in the day-to-day as an owner and grow your agency.
Ideas for agency lead generation
Looking for ideas on how to discover more prospects for your agency?
Handling inherited activities with new clients
21 Stunden 17 Minuten
When your agency starts working with a new client, chances are they have some existing activities already underway. They have a way of doing things that you need to become part of — or change to make it more to your liking. In this episode of the Age...

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Chip Griffin and Gini Dietrich share practical advice for PR and marketing agency owners build better businesses.

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