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Reisen in Südostasien | Philippinen und Indonesien
Weisheit kann auf Reisen gefunden werden. (Asiatisches Sprichwort) Anfang dieses Jahres war ich neun Wochen in Südostasien unterwegs. Besser gesagt auf den Philippinen und in Indonesien (Bali). Es war eine Zeit voller spannender Erlebnisse und Begeg...

Über diesen Podcast

Bony Stoev is a sound-artist who lives and works in Dresden, Germany. He believes that sound changes the point of view of pictures and adds a new dimension to them. Thus, he creates innovative worlds of sound that heighten and modify the emotional impact of film, pictures and music. In September 2016, Bony collaborated with SA-PO for THE DARK ROOMS EXHIBITION in Berlin. He developed an audiovisual experience inspired by pictures of Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec. Bony created an intricate acoustic interpretation of their work. Since the installation was presented in complete darkness, the viewer’s mood and perception were only guided by sound.

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