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Brisbane Star Crests
3 Minuten
Star Crest Until you earn your Star Crest in Skydiving , you are restricted to jumps no bigger than 10 people. To gain the qualification necessary for larger loads you will have to earn your Australian Star Crest. This certificate acknowledges t...
Canopy Piloting 2010
87 Sekunden
Swooping entails flying a parachute to an "start" point over the swoop course, then turning into a rotating dive dramatically increasing the canopy's speed. The canopy pilot stops the canopy's rotation on the proper course heading, while at the corre...
Speed Stars 2010
20 Minuten
Australian National Skydiving Championships 10 way speed stars. Exit height 8,500ft, working time 25 seconds. Who wins ? The team that builds the fastest 10 way star formation. The rules: Get in , don't go low and have fun !
40 Sekunden
Stay tuned for our new Skydive Channel dedicated to providing content for all our great Skydive locations along the East Coast of Australia

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The Skydive Channel for Sydney Skydivers, Sydney Australia. Stay Tuned for exciting skydive content including State and National skydive competition updates as well as Boogies and events from all our Skydive locations around Australia.

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