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Open Circuit on 8BitX #012 “Haste”
This week’s playlist, despite being hastily thrown together, coheres quite nicely. Playlist: Street Cleaner – Never Again [Shutdown] ZEN ALBATROSS – Infrared Ritual [SIGINT] For Astronauts and Satellites – To Fight Monsters… [Then, By The Light Of Ou...
Open Circuit on 8BitX #011 “Absent Mind”
Influenced by distraction, this episode of Open Circuit jumbles together both words and music styles. Playlist: FLOOR BABA – KICK IT [GAMEWAVE] You Bred Raptors? – Lagoon (Live at Game Over NY) [unreleased) The Mountain Chiefs – Top Man + Wily’s Cast...
Open Circuit on 8BitX #005 “Timepiece”
With the quantity of new, amazing chip and VGM being released this week, the playlist practically picked itself! Plus, Open Circuit spotlights the new XOC reissues on bandcamp, before running out of time and having to cut his playlist short. Playlist...
Open Circuit #119: I Apologize For My Friend – Krieger Listening Party
2 Stunden 58 Minuten
What better way to celebrate three years of Open Circuit than a listening party? Celebrating their brand new debut album, Krieger joins jmr on air to talk about… well, everything.  Listen as they discuss movie recommendations, uncomfortable diphthong...
Open Circuit #118
2 Stunden 3 Minuten
1. Mail Order Monsters – Cynthia (3:40) 2. Wizwars – Intergalactic Disko Dance Party (3:45) 3. Radlib – Icarus (5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY NVR 4GET TRASH80 SB16 MIXXX 2013) (3:53) 4. Trash80 – Missing You (4:17) 5. spamtron – Dragon Quest Overworld (3:04)...

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Open Circuit is an hour long weekly jolt of chip music, vgm, synthwave and whatever else host jmr feels like playing.

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