Nonprofit Architect  Podcast

Nonprofit Architect Podcast

The Nonprofit Architect: Helping you build a stronger nonprofit.


Haowen Ge: Preview
3 Minuten
Education and certification programs are important for all Americans.  international students can struggle with the process. How can we help these students through the intern application process? (You can hear the whole episode on January...
3 Reasons Every Podcaster Needs Their Own Website
4 Minuten
There are tons of tools available to podcasters. There are far more than 3 reasons podcasters need their own website but here are my top 3. Reason #1 Traffic Start benefitting from all the traffic generated by your show by directing l...
Basic Leadership 101
12 Minuten
Basic Leadership Lessons learned in the military and executed in the real world. Conversation Highlights: {00:47} Are they trained? {01:33} Are they capable? {02:51} Have I set my expectations? {05:37} Have I given them the opportunit...
The Seven Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell: Kurian Tharakan
48 Minuten
You can move people with the power of a story. Your brand will be created and clarified in storytelling. You must learn to tell stories to be successful. Kurian shares the seven essential stories charismatic leaders tell. Conversati...
The 8 Types of Fear we all Face
20 Minuten
The 8 Dominate Fear Types: {02:15} Fear of Setting Goals {05:27} Fear of Failure {07:54} Fear of Appearing Arrogant {09:28} Fear of Asking for Help {11:25} Fear of Saying No {13:01} Fear of Being Scrutinized by Others {15:07} Fear of...

Über diesen Podcast

The Nonprofit Architect Podcast is the premier 'how-to' podcast designed to build, launch, and improve your nonprofit! We interview nonprofit leaders, business leaders, consultants, and those with special skills in order to give you the actionable steps needed to build stronger nonprofits. Our guests dive into their expertise, pull back the curtain, and give you the actionable steps you've been looking for! We go in-depth into these great topics: Board of Directors How to Build your Board World-Class Events Event Planning Holiday Events Fundraisers How to Start a Nonprofit How to Close a Nonprofit Leadership Six-Figure Fundraising Google Ad Grant Networking LinkedIn Facebook Groups Monthly Recurring Donations Grants Grant Programs How to make your Nonprofit Grant Ready Podcasting Podcasting for a Cause Communication Partnerships Sponsorships Abundance Mindset Virtual Staffing VA Virtual Assistant Mission Creep Compassion Fatigue Self Sabotage Marketing Branding Email Campaigns Policies Procedures Legislative Advocacy Merchant Services Credit Card Processing Ebooks Membership Model Signature Programs Governance Delegation Change Management Contacting Celebrities PTSD Combatting Suicide Veteran Veterans Volunteers How to find Volunteers Business planning Mail Chimp Networking Media Kit Media Appearances Collaboration over Competition Donor Retention How to start your own foundation Non Profit Architect Non-Profit Architect

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