Understanding, building and managing circular business models


(10) Commown: Chosing a legal entity that puts the planet first
43 Minuten
What is the best legal entity to start a sustainable business? The way an organization is set up defines its modus operandi. Whether money is a means to an end or an end in itself is decided at that early moment. In this episode, Élie, co-founder of...
(9) hey circle: Introducing re-usable packaging
32 Minuten
What does it take to reduce packaging waste? Re-usable packaging in e-commerce starts with customer information, checkout adaptations and needs to tackle a fundamental question: How does the packaging return? In this episode, Doris, founder of Hey Ci...
(8) evergrain: Balancing Planet & Profit
41 Minuten
Do you put planet over profit? Every organization answers this question, mostly implicitly in day-to-day decisions. It's the job of the leadership team to set priorities when it comes to planet and profit ambitions. In this episode, a leader of a pur...
(7) Urwahn bikes: Using a Circular Label in your communication
27 Minuten
How can you inform customers about the way in which you apply circularity? Many organizations invest a lot in their circular approach and want to share this with the public. In this episode, Silke from Urwahn tells us how a label can help convey circ...
(6) Building a B2C repair marketplace
Building a marketplace requires growing two customer groups at the same time: The buyers and the sellers. Providing platform services that compete with the sellers' offerings adds another twist to the challenge. In this episode, Tobias Kronawitter, f...

Über diesen Podcast is the podcast about understanding, building and managing circular business models. Most episode showcase one specific organisation that runs a circular business model or a business model in the circular economy. This can be a startup, an established SME or a business field of a corporate. Hence, interviews are both about founding and funding a circular business as well as transforming an existing linear business to a circular one, be it in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa or Australia. The podcast focuses on experiences made in this build-up and transformation phase.

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