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Ep. 88: Under Ninja Vol 1, by Kengo Hanazawa
1 Stunde 2 Minuten
Slipping into your apartment to drink your precious hidden bottle of booze, the low-rent "Under Ninja" Kudo has his sights set hilariously low, and that might just be enough for the Mangasplaining crew to have a Very Good Time with this manga...
Ep. 87: The Rose of Versailles Volume 1, by Riyoko Ikeda
56 Minuten
One of the great classic shojo manga is finally available in English, Riyoko Ikeda's Rose of Versailles, and the Mangasplaining team dig in to see if it lives up to the decades of hype! Will Chip like this better than his last foray into the...
Ep. 86: Even Though We’re Adults Volume 2, by Takako Shimura
1 Stunde 4 Minuten
The Mangasplaining gang returns to a favorite josei manga from way back in the first season, Takako Shimura’s Even Though We’re Adults! But when the second volume goes in a different direction than the first, will the team still find themselves...
Ep. 85: Chainsaw Man Vol. 1, by Tatsuki Fujimoto
1 Stunde 5 Minuten
Welcome back to Mangasplaining, the podcast where we recommend manga to folks who haven’t read much manga before! We’re kicking off Season 4, aka episode 85, with the biggest manga out there right now, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man Vol. 1....
Ep. 84: Season 3 Retrospective
A great jumping-on point! The Mangasplainers pick their favorite books from Season 3, making recommendations of manga... For people who don't read much manga! Which titles will take home the coveted Triple Crown? Listen and find out! Show notes...

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