Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast

Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 250: February Made Me Shiver
"Qasan (Negra Branca remix)" by Kooba Terco from Proto Tekno (Remixed); "Dream of Diadems" by Daniel O'Sullivan from Electric Maya Dream Flotsam And Astral Hinterlands; "Molle" by Kanada 7 from Vamp Ire; "Ready" by Tangents from Risk Reaps Reward; "P...
Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 249: Elite Deviance
"The Sun Tangled in Your Hair" by Delicate Features from Sky of Earth; "Jeanette" by Kelly Lee Owens from Inner Song; "Otveta Net" by Molchat Doma from Monument; "Epitaph" by GAS from their self-titled EP; "Ritchie Sacramento" by Mogwai from the upco...
Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 248: The Harry Haller Holiday Special, 2020 Retrospective
"Caberfae Peaks" by Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band from Nightmare Forever; "The Splendor That Was Rome" by Hamerkop from Remote; "Run Like Hell" by Nine Inch Nails from Ghosts VI: Locusts; "Pandemi Pa Handelo" by Ock from II; "Let's Talk About You" by...
Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 247: Spiritus Mundi
"Il eut un Silence dans le Ciel" by Population II from A la O Terre; "Let's Talk About You" by Madeleine Cocolas from Ithaca; "Gepackte Zeit (For Hanna Darboven)" by Black to Comm from Oocyte Oil and Stolen Androgens; "Geisha Girl" by Mort Garson fr...
Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 246: Moody Brits in Eyeliner
"Nights Introlude (Live in Chicago)" by Nightmares on Wax from Smokers Delight: Sonic Buds; "Love's Refrain" by Julie Byrne and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma from Mexican Summer's Looking Glass Series; "Rat Snake" by Shit and Shine from Malibu Liquor Store; "Q...

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A weekly hour of obscure noise, glitchy electropop, fake nostalgia, bastardized exotica, tweaky lounge, creepy ambient and musical non sequitors.

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