Indie Dance The Mix Series GRANADOS

Indie Dance The Mix Series GRANADOS

Hey Friends hier kommt eine neue Episode meiner I…
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Hey Friends hier kommt eine neue Episode meiner Indie Dance The Mix
Series.... diesmal mit Dj & Producer GRANADOS aus Mexiko. Viel
Spaß Kurt Kjergaard Hey Friends here comes a new episode of my
Indie Dance The Mix Series... this time with GRANADOS from Mexico.
Enjoy It Kurt Kjergaard BIO DJ & Producer, lover of the 80’s,
90’s, grunge, graphic design, and digital marketing, as well as
social communication. He began his musical career empirically at
the age of 13, integrating as a vocalist in various rock bands from
that age until he was 30 years old. In 2012 he started playing
progressive house empirically. Later in 2021 he began to experiment
playing melodic techno, which he left a year later when he found
the sound he had been looking for so much, a much darker and deeper
sound, finding it in Indie Dance and Dark Disco, relating the
sounds of these genres with the nostalgia of the 80’s. At the end
of 2023, he made his first track called Chicle Infinito in
collaboration with his friend @realDoall That same year he founded,
together with Doall and his friend @_eme.musik , the collective
called Lhabial Now he
is about to release his first EP called G.O.D. (Guadalajara On
Darkness) from which comes the first single called Guadarklajara, a
track signed by @CSRecordings , which will be released on June 26 @
@beatport To this abstract human lover of the darkest frequencies
with overtones of terror and a little scary seasoned with good
vibes, those represent strength and power. The same ones that tell
us a story in each beat and make us fly and land in each change of
tone with that sigh that hits directly in your brain, manipulating
your heartbeats. It's electric to begin, with frenetic rhythms and
atmospheres prostrate in the depths of the night; This is Granados'
sound which quickly becomes contagious on the dance floor. LINKS
Instagram: SoundCloud: Facebook: YouTube: PRE-ORDER: GuaDARKlajara
Tracklist Granados - GuaDARKlajara (VicGrana2 GTRs Attached) [CS
Recordings] Kimshies - End of Love [Roam Recordings] Bozart -
Ravidol [Nothing Is Real] ID ID - Secret (Extended Mix) [King Of
Saw EP] Malandra Jr. - Clowns (Original Mix) [DOA Electronic Music
Records] Darlyn Vlys, Haptic - Last Drive [Polaris] Addie Manson -
Noctem [CRRCT VIEW] KARPOVICH, SevenEver - Los Angeles (Original
Mix) [Sapient Robots] KARPOVICH, DJVEDO, Bonnie Spacey - Night And
CIty / Rodrigo AM Remix [Sapient Robots] Doall ft. Granados -
Chicle Infinito Jebby Jay - Butterfly [Phisica] KARPOVICH -
Remember Us [Sapient Robots] Granados - Juniors Irresponsables
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