Indie Dance The Mix Series JuNe (dʒuː ne̞)

Indie Dance The Mix Series JuNe (dʒuː ne̞)

Hallo Freunde zum Wochenende gibt es eine neue Ep…
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Hallo Freunde zum Wochenende gibt es eine neue Episode meiner Indie
Dance The Mix Series.... Diesmal mit dabei Dj JuNe inhaberin des
labels SORINORI aus Berlin. Enjoy It Kurt Kjergaard Hello friends
for the weekend there is a new episode of my Indie Dance The Mix
Series.... This time with Dj JuNe owner of the label SORINORI from
Berlin. Enjoy It Kurt Kjergaard BIO JuNe (dʒuː ne̞) is a
Berlin-based DJ & Producer, originally from Seoul, South Korea.
With her motto "Peace & Love," she ultimately aims to create
positive vibes on the dance floor, crafting an atmosphere of good
vibrations through her DJ sets. As the owner of the label SORINORI
and the founder of Rainbow Disco Party, JuNe (dʒuː ne̞) is also a
resident DJ at Unison, Wave of Movement and Golosa. Her musical
palette is diverse, covering genres such as Electronic, Dark-,
Cosmic-, Space-, Disco, EBM, Indie Dance, Melodic House &
Techno and Techno. What sets JuNe (dʒuː ne̞) apart is her
dedication to selecting tracks that not only groove with a rich
sound reminiscent of Technodisco but also evoke an emotional and
energetic atmosphere. Her aim with her sets is to connect with the
audience on a deeper level, touching their innermost feelings on
the dance floor. From ominous electronic soundscapes to pulsating
beats, most mixes take listeners on a journey through captivating
sonic landscapes. Each sound impulse serves as a portal to a unique
realm within every moment of the mix. The fusion of beats and
distinctive tracks resonates deep within the heart, creating an
immersive experience that lingers with the audience. LINK
BANDCAMP Tracklist Luminog -
Moving Pavel Petrov - EXE (Original Mix) Ludviq & Nick Hanzo -
Am Zug Patricia Baloge, Shlomi Shant - Alrighti (Shlomi Shanti
Remix) Hard To Tell - Self Control Local Suicide & Curses - It
All Sounds The Same Alemao, Rigopolar - Akyre (Rigopolar Remix)
Samer Soltan - Leave MMYYLO - Just One Mission Anomali &
Benicci - Origin Adana Twins & Upercent - Falling Giza Djs -
Dafty Disco Ball (YAME Remix) Enjanzea2, La Mexicana, Alvee - BLUNT
(Alvee Remix) Vleks - Textos de Sillón (Version) Roswell Brothers -
Civilization ft. Sunset Amanda (Ivan De La Rouche Remix) SOAN -
Mangalam (Original Mix) Tal Fussman - Don’t Want Space Motion -
Baiana V.C.I - Futurewave (Original Mix) Plastic Robots, ALPHANO -
Smash (Extended Mix) Lunar Tone - Machu Picchu Petros Odin -
Solcandes (Original Mix) SHKAPOV - Corals (Original Mix) Hector
Moreno - Feel Good Clouzer - Stalactites ft. Valentin Hennig (Damon
Jee Remix) Massano - Talking Cosmosolar - Immaginazione Kino Oko -
Black Antenna Max Joni & Maltitz - The Boy Who Lost His Laugh
Spencer Brown, Emanuel Satie - Good Times (Emanuel Satie Mix)
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