Indie Dance Mix Series SPECTER

Indie Dance Mix Series SPECTER

Hallo Freunde freue mich sehr euch heute eine neu…
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Hallo Freunde freue mich sehr euch heute eine neue Episode meiner
Indie Dance The Mix Series präsentieren zu können. Diesmal mIt Dj
& Producer SPECTER aus Guadalajara, Mexiko. Viel Spaß Kurt
Kjergaard Hello friends I am very happy to present you today a new
episode of my Indie Dance The Mix Series. This time with Dj &
Producer and Head of Nothing To Fear SPECTER from Guadalajara,
Mexico. Enjoy It Kurt Kjergaard BIO Since a young age, Specter has
managed to embark on a path with the objective of gradually making
his way into the underground scene of electronic music in his
country, through his participation in various venues and events of
independent collectives. This, through his participation in
di@erent venues and events of independent collectives. As well as
with the production of his own musical productions with presence in
Mexican labels such as Veneno MX. For the young Specter, the search
and encounter of transcendence and identity is a factor of utmost
importance as an artist, which is why he chooses to use sounds and
musical scenes that allow you to touch the soul in each of his
presentations and works. Specter is currently as a DJ in the
rooster of the famous tapatío collective @subnormalmx and working
on his latest project entitled
@, a broadcaster focused
on the exposure of the Dark Disco and Indie Dance genres through
the invitation of di@erent DJs from the national and international
scene to collaborate with a DJ set that is published through the
brand's networks. LINKS SoundCloud Instagram BandCamp YouTube TRACKLIST
Rigopolar – Purple Drive (Original Mix) AFFKT – Rebost (Original
Mix) Sebastian Voigt, Theus Mago – Endless Encounters (Original
Mix) Specter (Mx) – Mad Men (Original Mix) Rigopolar – Start from
Beginning (Original Mix) Rigopolar – Chaos (Original Mix) Modular
Project - Past Present Future (Original Mix) Darlyn Vlys – Bladed
(Original Mix) Darlyn Vlys – Lights Out (Originak Mix) Ali X,
Fausto – Take It Outside (Alvee Remix) Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys
– Black Sand Cyence – Pulsate (Original Mix) Darlyn Vlys, Damon Jee
.- Apocalypsis (Original Mix) listen all episodes also on APPLE
MUSIC PODCAST…e1/kurt-kjergaard
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