“The Big Questions come in bundles, not one at time.”

“The Big Questions come in bundles, not one at time.”

Interviewing Mario Bunge - philosopher and physicist
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Interviewing Mario Bunge - philosopher and

In the summer of 2013, I had the opportunity to interview Mario
Bunge about his realistic philosophy and its background using a
comprehensive set of questions. The interview was conducted as
email correspondence over several weeks:

Below you can hear the "question and answer game" spoken by
Eleven Labs voices in 2024.

Enjoying reading his books and philosophical inquiries for years
it was a big pleasure and even a greater honor to interview Mario

Those who are not familiar with Bunge's work, will be interested
to read a short and incisive characterization. - Bernulf
Kanitscheider – a renowned German philosopher of science - once
highlighted the importance of Bunge's philosophy impressively by
using some metaphors:

Mario Augusto Bunge is one of the few extraordinary personalities
who have managed “to essentially shape the intellectual geography
of an era of science”. Mario Bunge is a member of the small
circle of important philosophers of science whose works have
become “milestones in the life of the spiritual landscape of
world philosophy”.

With the help of my interview I try to give an impression of what
Bunge once was pointing at when he wrote about philosophical

“The Big Questions come in bundles, not one at time.”


Mario Augusto Bunge's Background:

Born in Buenos Aires in 1919, Professor Mario Bunge earned his
doctorate in physico-mathematical sciences from the National
University of La Plata in Argentina, and has been a professor of
theoretical physics and of philosophy. He joined McGill
University in 1966, was given a named chair, and was recently
made an emeritus professor. He has also been a visiting professor
in numerous countries including the USA, Denmark, Germany, Italy,
Mexico, Switzerland, and Australia. Professor Bunge holds 19
honorary doctorates and four honorary professorships, is a member
of four academies and a Prince of Asturias laureate, and ranks
Number 43 in the AAAS' Science Hall of Fame. He has authored over
400 papers and more than 80 books on quantum theory, philosophy
of science, semantics, epistemology, ontology, ethics, political
philosophy, and science policy.


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