Indie Dance The Mix Series ARSENOPOULOS

Indie Dance The Mix Series ARSENOPOULOS

Hallo Freunde hier kommt eine neue Episode meiner…
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Hallo Freunde hier kommt eine neue Episode meiner Indie Dance The
Mix Series... diesmal mit ARSENOPOULOS aus Larissa, Thessaloniki
Griechenland... Enjoy It Kurt Kjergaard Hey Friends here comes a
new episode of my Indie Dance The Mix Series... this time with
ARSENOPOULOS from Larissa, Thessaloniki Greece... Enjoy It Kurt
Kjergaard BIO Welcome ARSENOPOULOS ALEX from Larissa, Thessaloniki
Greece! Embark on a magical auditory odyssey with a DJ whose
passionate journey with electronic music began in 2005. As an
aficionado of Electro-Techno, he carefully curated his tracks,
inspired by iconic DJs and producers such as The Hacker, Anthony
Rother, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and DJ Hell. Living and breathing
the Techno scene, he found his heart in Electro. As the years
passed, his musical exploration led him to the captivating realms
of Indie dance, Italo and Dark disco. In each mix, he effortlessly
blends new tracks with beloved old-school favorites, creating an
auditory experience that transcends time. Now, with boundless joy,
ARSENOPOULOS presents an exclusive mix! LINK SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM Tracklist 1.
Darlyn Vlys - Abre Los Ojos [Polaris] 2. Cali Burton, Roswell
Brothers - Miles Away (Badknife Remix) [J Records (MX)] 3.
Montessori - Rollero (Franz Scala Remix) [Roam Recordings] 4.
Marcus Christiansen - Magenta [Cotton Bud Master]  5. Beyond
the Struttosphere, Miss Zagato - Satellite Cities (feat. Miss
Zagato) [Emerald & Doreen Records] 6. Mmyylo - Ciborgia
[Esthetique Records]  7. Idoru - Miedo [Manta Recordings] 8.
Blami - Tokyo Express (Dino Lenny Rework) [Fine Human Records] 9.
Dina Summer - Mirage (Heat Rush Edit) [Audiolith] 10. Ademar &
Joseeph - Jango Mango (Darlyn Vlys Remix) [Roam Recordings] 11.
Kiko - Expansion (David Carretta Remix) [Watergate Records] 12.
Panthera - Vice (Damon Jee Remix) [Polaris] 13. Amirali - Fairy
Tales [Dark Matters] 14. Gui Boratto feat Lhana Marlet - Drink In
Paris (Dubfire Remix) [Kompakt] 15. Nouveau Futur - Amour Éphémère
[Mélopée Records] 16. Boys' Shorts - Dark Room Rendez-Vous (Mala
Ika Remix) [Live At Robert Johnson] 17. Local Suicide, Skelesys,
Andre VII - Moustache (Andre VII Remix) [Iptamenos Discos] 18.
Benjamin Fröhlich - I Found My Mantra [Permanent Vacation] listen
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