True Blue Crime

True Blue Crime

Australian True Crime


Maya Jakic & Megumi Suzuki
39 Minuten
It was the 17th of April, 1999, and in Adelaide, South Australia, two rookie police officers were coming to the end of their shift.As the two young officers returned to their vehicle, they noticed a handwritten note on their windscreen, wedged under...
The Greenough Family Massacre
36 Minuten
As the car drew closer, Daniel turned on the kitchen light and headed out front to see who was arriving at 3AM. The family dogs were barking out the back, attuned to the strange hour the person was visiting.Daniel walked down the driveway to see the...
The Third Victim
38 Minuten
This was a guy who’d worked a number of different jobs in his time - aside from the Navy, he’d been a sheet metal fabricator, a commercial diver, air system technician, a welder and even a postie. He’d also lived in pretty much every Australian State...
The Postcard Bandit
57 Minuten
24th of November 1989, Fremantle Prison, Western AustraliaThe trio removed the bar and slipped out of the workshop window and gained access to the roof of the print shop. From there, they went along the guard’s walkway, jumped from roof to roof, unti...
The Kimberley Killer
42 Minuten
Not long after sunrise Peter Leutenegger was flying his chopper across the Jubilee Downs Station, singing along to a few of his favourite Slim Dusty songs. He was mustering horses in preparation for the upcoming Fitzroy Crossing Rodeo; a popular annu...

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Join hosts Shaun and Chloe each week as they discuss an Australian criminal case, deep diving into the backgrounds of perpetrators, details of crimes, impact on victims, and affects on the community. Support this show

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