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  • Better Late Than Never

    Audio Apt title considering how late we are posting this AND how late we scored the winner.
    Datum:17.03.2012 Wertung:
  • Post QPR Shisha Shenanigans

    Audio Listen to our ramblings of the match against QPR, how much we love Aaron Ramsey, shishagate, UEFALONA and more
    Datum:06.04.2012 Wertung:
  • We Beat a City and A Pack of Wolves

    Audio Listen to our thoughts on the matches against Manchester City and Wolves, what we really think of Mario Balotelli an ...
    Datum:14.04.2012 Wertung:
  • Post-Wigan

    Audio uuuuuhhhh, yeah. we lost to wigan. i assume you know this. listen below or dl on itunes.
    Datum:19.04.2012 Wertung:
  • Post-Chelsea

    Audio aaaaaand that should be the last of the late podcasts.
    Datum:27.04.2012 Wertung:
  • Datum:26.05.2012 Wertung:
  • New Season, New Beginnings

    Audio Welcome back listeners and podcasters. It’s been such a long time, please enjoy our first podcast of the ’12-’ ...
    Datum:22.08.2012 Wertung:
  • Arsenal knocks Southampton on their arses

    Audio Sweet! 6-1 to Arsenal against Southampton. Join us as we talk about the game, and having some actual depth to our sq ...
    Datum:20.09.2012 Wertung:
  • Datum:28.09.2012 Wertung:
  • It’s the End of the World…or is it?

    Audio Post Coventry and Chelsea ramblings featuring @wolvenal, @SianyMacalarny and @goonerathena.
    Datum:03.10.2012 Wertung:
  • Two Wins in One Week

    Audio Yes! A win against Olimpiacos and West Ham. Also some anecdotes from the Arsenal U-21 match against Reading. Thank y ...
    Datum:10.10.2012 Wertung:
  • The NorSchalke Aftermath

    Audio It’s not the heat it’s the humility. Listen to @wolvenal, @SianyMacalarny and @goonerathena discuss the Arsenal ...
    Datum:26.10.2012 Wertung:
  • Atonement

    Audio Listen to @wolvenal, @SianyMacalarny and @goonerathena discuss the heart attacks Arsenal has put us through this pas ...
    Datum:02.11.2012 Wertung:
  • Post-Man United

    Audio Soz, but it won’t be on itunes until tomorrow.
    Datum:08.11.2012 Wertung:
  • In Which We Reflect

    Audio Listen to Jess (@oranje_sky), Sarah (@wolvenal) and Zara (@goonerathena) reflect on the season so far and where they ...
    Datum:16.11.2012 Wertung:
  • 5-2 Two Years in a Row

    Audio We did it! Hooray! In which we talk about the performance against Spurs. Enjoy! Comments and emails are always appre ...
    Datum:21.11.2012 Wertung:
  • Prolong the Inevitable

    Audio In which we try really hard to NOT talk about the weekend, but (of course) fail. Featuring Jenn, Sian, and Zara.
    Datum:27.11.2012 Wertung:
  • Tis the Season to be Jolly

    Audio In which we discuss the win against Reading, Arsène Wenger, etc. Oh, and Zara sings.     Please, if you’ve got ...
    Datum:19.12.2012 Wertung:
  • The 62 Pound Affair

    Audio Sarah, Sian, and Zara discuss the Manchester City game and the 62 pound affair.
    Datum:16.01.2013 Wertung:
  • The Longest Signature in the World

    Audio The girls discuss the Chelsea and West Ham matches, the transfer window and Theo
    Datum:25.01.2013 Wertung:
  • Win Some, Draw Some

    Audio …As long as we don’t lose anymore. Remember Deb? If not, check out her Twitter page and follow! She’s one of ...
    Datum:01.02.2013 Wertung:
  • Post-Stoke

    Datum:08.02.2013 Wertung:
  • Datum:15.02.2013 Wertung:
  • Bloody B’s

    Audio Jenn, Sian and Zara discuss the latest results of the FA Cup match against Blackburn and the home leg of the Champio ...
    Datum:22.02.2013 Wertung:
  • Disheartened and Down

    Audio Sarah’s back from adventures abroad… just in time for a wretched result. Join Jenn, Sarah, Dili, Sian, and Zara ...
    Datum:08.03.2013 Wertung:

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