Doctor Money Matters

Doctor Money Matters

Doctor hosted financial podcast for physicians, dentists, and other health care professionals


Ep 62. Doctors and Social Media -- Dana Corriel, MD
On this episode we talk about social media with Dana Corriel MD, an internal medicine physician and creator of the SoMeDocs group. She recently left the practice of medicine to help physicians develop their online presence. Her goal is to help empowe...
Ep 61. Gita Pensa, MD -- Malpractice litigation and its impact on the physician
Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. In this episode we talk with Gita Pensa MD, an emergency medicine physician and fellow podcaster who created an incredible podcast which is a must listen about lawsuits in medicine and the personal impact...
Ep. 60 -- Student loan basics with Ben White, MD
Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. In this episode we talk about student loans with Ben White, MD a radiologist and blogger who writes about various topics but has written a FREE book about student loans. Note this episode was recorded pre...
Ep 59. Joel Greenwald, MD CFP -- Withdrawing assets in retirement
1 Stunde 1 Minute
Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. It has certainly been an eventful spring between the Covid crisis and the national protests bringing more attention to the unequal treatment of African Americans by law enforcement, and also the financial...
Ep. 58 Real Estate Investing with Cory Fawcett, MD
Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. This is a podcast about financial topics related to the healthcare professional. I am your host Dr. Tarang Patel, a diagnostic radiologist in Arizona. Our guest was Cory Fawcett, MD a retired surgeon in Or...

Über diesen Podcast

Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters podcast. I am your host Dr. Tarang Patel, a practicing diagnostic radiologist in Phoenix, AZ. I started this podcast as a way to share knowledge about financial matters as they relate to health care professionals. We spent many years learning about the science and art of providing patient care but most of us have relatively little knowledge about reaching financial well being. I know that I had no formal training in setting up investment accounts, negotiating contracts, buying insurance, buying real estate, etc. I just learned by reading and also by making many mistakes. Health care professionals are trusted to take put their patients needs first and we in turn assume everyone in other fields work the same way. Unfortunately this is not always true. By talking about these topics, I hope we can reduce the many financial mistakes that prior generations of doctors have made. Those physicians were able to overcome these mistakes because of shorter training periods, less debt, and they were more likely to be in private practice. Today we no longer have those luxuries and many of us have significant debt burdens. The good news is that we also have access to information that the prior generation never had. A little background about me. As I said before I am a practicing radiologist in Phoenix, AZ. I went to undergrad at Indiana U. (Go Hoosiers), medical school at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (Now AT Still Univ) in Missouri, moved east and did my radiology residency at New York Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. I then moved west to serve my Air Force commitment at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. I then did a fellowship in Body/Musculoskeletal Imaging at Mayo Clinic Arizona. Since I finished training I have been in a hospital employed group for the last 6 years. I have always enjoyed learning about finance and have read (listened to) many of the financial books. I also spent time reading on the forum which I found to be a valuable source of information. Finally I just observed that many of my colleagues and I had the same questions about relatively basic financial matters but it was difficult to find clear answers. Hopefully you find these podcasts useful. I encourage you to subscribe to them, that way you will be updated when any episodes are released automatically. Also please let your friends and colleagues know about this podcast. Please give us good feedback on iTunes, Google Play and stitcher and if you have suggestions on topics or how to improve the podcast please send your emails to Social media links: twitter @drmoneymatters Facebook Please understand that this show is for entertainment and education only and you should do your own research and speak with the appropriate experts prior to making any changes in regards to material you may have heard on the show. The opinions from the guests on this show are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the host or of Doctor Money Matters, LLC.

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