Android Buffet Podcast

Android Buffet Podcast

Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet


Episode 543 – Truck Talk
Android News Android 12 will notify you if an app accesses the clipboard. Google will start updating Chromebooks monthly beginning in November Google asks developers to call out OEMs that aggressively close background apps App News Google Fit adds pa...
Episode 542 – Better Late Than Never
Android News June Pixel Drop includes video astrophotography, new wallpapers, a locked folder, the Assistant can answer the phone, etc. Nest Smart Displays now have an on-screen keyboard. App News WhatsApp will soon trial multi-device support Google...
Episode 541 – Zuckerland
Android News Android 12 blocks apps from replacing the share sheet. Google TV preparing to support multiple user profiles Why Apple doesn’t care that a quarter of all iPhone users eventually switch to Android Android runtime is now part of Project Ma...
Episode 540 – Techno Buffet?
Android News Cast will now support improved ability to transfer a stream between devices. Current WearOS owners will have to wait to find out if they’ll get the new version. Android 12’s new location settings make me want it right now. In Other News...
Episode 539 – Buffet, Buffet?
60 Minuten
Android News Android has over 3 billion active devices. Android rooting guru now working for Google. Google expands its password manager to automatically change passwords to more secure ones. Making Everyday Safer with Google. Android Beta 12 release...

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Hungry for Android with a Side of Home Automation? Get All You Can Eat at the Android Buffet

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