Phone Home

Phone Home

Chip Dwyer prerecords a phone call home with a fa…


Chase Mitchell
30 Minuten
Chase Mitchell is a TV writer who has written for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He hears a call with Chip and his dad, Billy.
Tommy Pope
33 Minuten
Philly-bred Tommy Pope is a comedian an actor who has appeared on Comedy Central. Chip talks with his Pop, Steve, who gets in the pocket with the zen wisdom of a top coach.
Matt Nedostup
34 Minuten
Matt Nedostup is a writer at TruTV, former Senior Editor at Someecards, and stand-up comedian. He hears a call with Chip and his brother Nick.
Ashley Bez
31 Minuten
Ashley Bez is an actress and writer that has written for the TV show Younger and is a former editor at Someecards. She hears Chip interview her sister, Elizabeth.
Mike Hall
38 Minuten
Mike Hall is an anchor on the Big Ten Network, and the host of Sports Lite who also spent three years as an anchor with ESPN. Mike hears Chip's interview with his dad, Jim.

Über diesen Podcast

Chip Dwyer prerecords a phone call home with a family member of each guest. They hear it for the first time with Chip in the studio, talking about their lives before they started pursuing their passion.

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