Wendi - Sleep With Me

Wendi - Sleep With Me

Help for your brain. Health, Power and Happiness with Hypnosis and NLP. Have more fun!


Increase your Longevity? Yes and Yes. Research, hypnosis and a nice deep sparkly session
Do you love Telomeres?  Is your attitude about aging making you grow old fast?  Maybe your inner negativity is fueling the aging process? Let's change it. There is a really cool Hypnosis session included. I did the research and if you want to live lo...
Remote Seduction and Powerful Influence. Kinda mind controlish, but superfun!!!
Hypnosis for doing weird things to people, and one dog. How is it possible that we can transmit thoughts, ideas and commands without saying a word?  I will tell you how!  Hypnosis session included, just a quickie, but a goodie! BUY Remote Influence a...
Want to get lucky? Let's change your luck today.
1 Stunde 3 Minuten
Yes, you can change your luck and attract good things in your life.  Now, there is also a Hypnosis session in here to get you out of your crappy mood and make you become lucky!    30% off LUCK OF YOUR LIFE Hypnosis program. Use code LUCKIEST ALS...
Mind Machines and Igniting your creative genius
Ready to have a great memory? Need to become a brilliant problem solver? Ready to stimulate massive creativity?  Today, you will!  Learn how building Mind Machines can enhance memory, retention, recall, new ideas and even summon wisdom from some high...
Teach me something!
1 Stunde 1 Minute
Use Code DIGDEEP 30% off the TimeLine program. (Link below)  Dig deep into your past and future and be even more amazing than you already are!  Want to learn something new?  Go inside your body, make magic happen. How I accidentally became a Hypnoth...

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The science of Brain/Mind/Body and breakthroughs of hypnosis, nlp, addiction and rapid change

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