Electronic Beats Podcast

Electronic Beats Podcast

Der Podcast für Nachtleben und Clubkultur


Arne van Terphoven (Our-House Museum) – archiving dance music culture and rethinking museums
40 Minuten
The world of electronic music is becoming increasingly popular and with several decades of history encompassing it, it was only a matter of time until the history of this culture was archived for future generations. A new multisensory, audiovisual ex...
Eddy Maroun (Anghami) – the future of music streaming in the Arab world and beyond
39 Minuten
In this episode of the Telekom Electronic Beats podcast, host Gesine Kühne meets Lebanese music and tech entrepreneur Eddy Maroun. Almost a decade ago, he founded Anghami (which translates to “my tune” in Arabic), to tackle music piracy in the Arab w...
Refik Anadol
vor 3 Wochen
29 Minuten
If a machine could dream of nature, what would it see? MACHINE HALLUCINATIONS: NATURE DREAMS, the latest exhibition by Turkish-born, LA-based artist Refik Anadol seeks to answer this question by processing large volumes of data from digital archives...
vor 1 Monat
58 Minuten
Throughout the last decade, Lotic has carved out a space of her own in Berlin's nightlife. After relocating from Texas in the early 2010s, she became affiliated with the Janus Collective, notorious in the capital for their pop-leaning club aesthetics...
Seth Troxler
vor 1 Monat
52 Minuten
Dance music legend, Tuskegee Music label owner and party-loving iconoclast–Seth Troxler was known for his hectic lifestyle and unique sense of humour, including sensational interviews, bizarre press photos, and exuberant performances. But last year,...

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Der Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast geht den spannenden und facettenreichen Geschichten des Nachtlebens nach. Gesine Kühne und Jakob Thoene treffen DJs, Clubbetreiber*innen, Türsteher*innen, Tänzer*innen und viele weitere Protagonist*innen der Nacht.

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