• Every week we will talk to a selection of impressive people who are willing to share their unique and diverse stories with us. Now you might think: Oh no, another life-advice podcast? Don’t worry it’s not. This is 'CONNECTING PEOPLE'. A podcast, that focuses on the journey rather than the goal, celebrating thought-provoking people and anyone who strives to make a change. Don’t expect advice or a guide to a better life. Our journeys are all different in their own special way. We want to show that every story is unique and there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your path. Which doesn’t mean that you need to follow their success stories from A to Z but in hope to encourage you to believe in your own strength and skills. Our goal is to create a space for people to tell their personal stories, inspire and empower others to think outside the box. Find CONNECTING PEOPLE on Instagram @connectingpeoplepodcast

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