The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling


Engage Listeners To Build Trust
17 Minuten
Vermont Public Radio reporter Angela Evancie says with the decline in trust of the media, the best way to build back that trust is with listener engagement and podcasts like the one she produces: Brave Little State.
Radio Silence (Rerun)
12 Minuten
Silence is often viewed as a no-no on the radio and in podcasts. Silence sounds like something's wrong — the radio station went off the air, the podcast paused. But, what if a story is about silence?
Audio Message in a Bottle
18 Minuten
Audio producer and sound artist Kristina Loring was walking the beach with her dog when she stumbled across an actual message in a bottle. That moment led to an unusual audio installation involving bottles, and a telephone hotline with messages...
Al Letson’s Covenant with Listeners About True Crime Stories
31 Minuten
Al Letson set his sights on true crime storytelling in an unusual way — with a covenant for listeners in the true crime series he reported for Reveal, "Mississippi Goddam: The Ballad of Billey Joe." Rob asks "Why go after true crime like that?"
Navigating Tricky Story Dynamics
26 Minuten
When the story is about a family (and also not about a family), but the parents are divorced, and the kids and their father haven't spoken for years, how do you, as a reporter, navigate those tricky waters? Aviva DeKornfeld of This American Lif...

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The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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