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    Die kleine Magic of Brighid Zauberfibel
    (The Little Magic of Brighid magic fibula)
    Seven Day Candle,Sept Jours Bougies.

    Magic made easy with the
    )O( Magic of Brighid )O( products.
    This primer is not about great magical rituals, but the simple spell,
    which may be exercised by anyone, even without magical knowledge.
    With a few tools you can give a turn of your life,
    or "fate" help out a little. Because everyone is actually his own fortune.
    Some people can be cast by the waves of life back and forth,
    lick their wounds and wait anxiously on what happens next,
    because you can not do anything, it's just fate.
    Think again, you may very well get them back the reins,
    if the horse in a direction other than the desired gallops.
    Everyone knows the saying: "Faith moves mountains".
    This is the basis and positive thinking,
    the now well-known is probably the most.
    Even magic is, by the power of thought and faith
    that it happens causes. The more thought energy you bring into your magic,
    and the more intense your imagination of the desired situation,
    the faster fulfills your desire.
    To support your magic I've developed the Magic of Brighid products
    corresponding to the power of plants and the 7 major planets,
    and thus act as an energy booster.
    With this brief introduction to the world of magic, I would like an overview,
    how to achieve an improvement in his life and his fate takes into his own hands.

    Magic of Brighid
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