NLP Highlights

NLP Highlights

Welcome to the NLP highlights podcast, where we i…


124 - Semantic Machines and Task-Oriented Dialog, with Jayant Krishnamurthy and Hao Fang
46 Minuten
We invited Jayant Krishnamurthy and Hao Fang, researchers at Microsoft Semantic Machines to discuss their platform for building task-oriented dialog systems, and their recent TACL paper on the topic. The paper introduces a new formalism for task-orie...
123 - Robust NLP, with Robin Jia
48 Minuten
In this episode, Robin Jia talks about how to build robust NLP systems. We discuss the different senses in which a system can be robust, reasons to care about system robustness, and the challenges involved in evaluating robustness of NLP models. We t...
122 - Statutory Reasoning in Tax Law, with Nils Holzenberger
46 Minuten
We invited Nils Holzenberger, a PhD student at JHU to talk about a dataset involving statutory reasoning in tax law Holzenberger et al. released recently. This dataset includes difficult textual entailment and question answering problems that involve...
121 - Language and the Brain, with Alona Fyshe
43 Minuten
We invited Alona Fyshe to talk about the link between NLP and the human brain. We began by talking about what we currently know about the connection between representations used in NLP and representations recorded in the brain. We also discussed how...
120 - Evaluation of Text Generation, with Asli Celikyilmaz
55 Minuten
We invited Asli Celikyilmaz for this episode to talk about evaluation of text generation systems. We discussed the challenges in evaluating generated text, and covered human and automated metrics, with a discussion of recent developments in learning...

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Welcome to the NLP highlights podcast, where we invite researchers to talk about their work in various areas in natural language processing. The hosts are the members of the AllenNLP team at Allen Institute for AI. All views expressed belong to the hosts and guests and do not represent their employers.

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